One year ago today, Alex took the step into Eternity.

We knew he was failing, I could tell he had hardly moved during the night. The evening before, Tim had arrived from Edmonton, and Michelle was also here from Vernon B.C. Jonathan and Janine, who live in the area came and we all stood in our bedroom around his hospital bed and spoke to him. Our grandaughter, Sophie Alexander, had hand written letters to all of us,brought by Michelle. One was addressed to her Grandpa and it made us all cry, as it was read a loud, that she, so young at ten, was able to express her grief, and sorrow at not knowing him better.
Janine, started singing The Lord is My Shepherd, and instantaneously, Michelle, joined in harmony as they did so many years ago, in Victoria, as teenagers.
I am so thankful for that time together.
Timmy, whom we hadn’t seen since we left Edmonton nearly two years earlier, spent most of his time that day by his side, spraying his mouth, which was dry, and talking to him. He is certain his Dad was hearing him.

By five that afternoon, while Tim and I and Michelle were standing by him everything was calm and peaceful. All at once, a little sigh left his mouth, never had I heard in my life with him, anything like it. It sounded like a little child, as if peace and satisfaction had come. Then his eyes, which had been closed for a few days, opened wide. His breathing just gradually slowed to a stop, as I held him.

I count it such a privilege to have had him at home, in our cozy apartment, when he breathed his last. A week earlier, when he became fevered, the nurse wondered if I wanted to return him to hospital and I said no, what chance would I have to be with him at time of passing, if I allowed then to take him away?

As anyone else, who has lost a spouse of 48 years, there is still some amazement that it all actually happened, that his physical life drained away. Even as a young man, he had a keen revelation of life without the restrictions of the physical body and objected whenever someone spoke of a deceased person as if they were in the past.

So Alex, we know you live and your life has forever helped shaped ours.

When I think of all the ones you know who have gone before you, are you having a grand reunion? Your parents, two sisters, Nancy and Joy? dear Grandpa Crawford? my brothers Cecil and Elmer? Pauline? my brothers-in law Abner and Norman? dear friend Dave Reesor, your good lawyer friend from Edmonton Denis Horne? Emmerson Mc Dowell, Paul Martin?Mike Rodgers? to just mention some?
I suspect some of the pressing questions and conundrums that you pondered have all been dissolved in the glory of “eye hath not seen or ear heard neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for them that love Him”

You often marched to a “different drummer” than the rest of us, and it appears you lived more life than many in your 69 years. We are relieved that your struggle is over, especially the last years of ill health, that you handled with such grace, may I add!! Although, others talk about the trial for me of those years, I say, yes, it was an opportunity to grow in grace, but also, the time together had a sweetness, that will remain with me always.



Alexander Johnstone  Morrison  1943-2013

Alexander Johnstone Morrison 1943-2013


4 thoughts on “ALEXANDER JOHNSTONE MORRISON III (also known as Sandy)

  1. Martha Smith Good

    What a lovely tribute! Your thoughtful way of sharing your last moments demonstrate so clearly the love you still hold in your heart for the wonderful man you shared your life with. I trust this first anniversary will be filled many warm memories of Alex, and the fellowship of loving family and friends.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Martha, a long time friend..


  2. mbrubacher2014

    Thanks Kathy. I liked your blog, it reminded me of how Abner’s eyes opened so wide just as he left this troubled world for a mansion in the sky. You did well the first year. Marie.


  3. Ruth Meyer

    Seems as though you have spoken for many who watched their spouse step through the gossamer curtain into eternity. What a precious moment to share–too good to miss–and what warmth an joy it brings as we look back on it. Thank you for sharing those last moments with Alex. I echoed much of your sentiment.


  4. Tim & Maria Walkden-Brown

    Your lovely tribute brought a swelling in my heart for both you and Alex; a privilege indeed over these many years while you were in Western Canada. I look forward to hearing the many answers that deal Alex now has about the beyond. What wonder he must now be experiencing. Thank you both for these many years of wonderful fellowship.
    Love always,



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